Semalt Presents Main Types Of Email Spam Filters You Have To Try

Igor Gamanenko, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, states that currently spam has become a household name, and over eighty percent of all email traffic is useless and meaningless. It means that the active correspondence through email is not possible without spam protection. Meanwhile, the unsolicited commercial email (UCE) is a digital junk message also called spam. In some cases, it is absolutely harmless and doesn't cause any problems, but sometimes, it may insert malicious codes and viruses in both your computer system and website. Considering a large number of emails sent worldwide, you should keep an eye on the email spam filters and try all of them to find the one that meets your requirements.

Adult content spam filter:

Adult content spam is one of the most common types of email spam and the filter used for it is also named as the adult spam filter. Sometimes hackers and spammers lure the users with products and services designed to increase sexual potency. They leave backlinks to their porn websites or ads and want to promote this stuff on the internet. For a few years, people have started creating filters for the adult content spam. To create such filter, you just have to go to the Filter area of your email address, create a filter and add an URL to the adult site that has had been irritating you for some time.

Health and Medicine spam filters:

This type of email spam filter is beneficial for the websites and senders advertising weight loss products, skin care treatments, posture improvement medicines, non-traditional and Chinese medicines, as well as dietary supplements. If you own a website, you can install a relevant WordPress plugin to prevent this spam. And if you have been receiving these fake offers in your email, you should simply create a filter and add those IDs to this filter to prevent them from sending you annoying messages in future.

Political spam filters:

Political spam spreads in the form of political threats and mudslinging activities. Extremists, terrorists, and hackers are involved in spreading this spam on the internet. They are negative minded people and disrespect human values. That's why they keep sending you spammy emails all the day and don't care about the security or law enforcement policies at all. Political spam filters are easy to create, and they can help you get rid of this suspicious emails, potential threats, and the risks of losing your money.


It's true that spam, viruses, malware and junk emails are a big threat to the online users. Hackers and spammers use different techniques to irritate us and steal our money. If you have not created any filter for such emails, you should stay away from the unsolicited emails that may include illegal business offers, automatic replies, viruses, malware, and all types of spam that could cause serious problems for you. In one way or the other, the email spam is a big issue, but filters are there to solve the majority of problems occur on the internet.

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